This page is under construction. The first part of the page is complete and correct. We will be adding more help later this week.

Before you begin, either (1) print out this page of instructions or (2) open a new browser window so that you can refer to these instructions if necessary.

Step 1 - Become a Registered User

Before you can register a player, you must become a registered user in our system.

To become a registered user, click on "Registered Users" above

At the bottom of the next page, click on "Register as a new user".

Enter your email adddress in both boxes and click on the Proceed to Registration button. This allows the system to check if there is already a user with that email address and stops you from registering with the same address twice.

You will come to a page called "Registration Part 1A". Please complete the page as follows:

Now click on Create Parent Record

Adding a Player


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